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Trade unionism and teacher professionalism

I believe in a strong proactive teaching profession that is active and agentic through its union, that this activity not only seeks to shape and enhance teacher’s pay, terms and conditions but also has central role in shaping policy development and implementation and in shaping professional knowledge and learning. Collaboration with others, such as other unions, parents and related groupings, is a key element … Read More Trade unionism and teacher professionalism

Letter to my Northern Ireland colleagues

Colleagues, While I do not have experience working in your jurisdiction I have a good understanding of the issues and indeed we share some of the same type of struggles – particularly pay and the ever growing administrative workload crowding out the real work of teaching and learning. However, you don’t need me to tell you that we work in very different contexts – … Read More Letter to my Northern Ireland colleagues

Pay inequality

There is no one in INTO that agrees with pay inequality. The creation of a two tier pay system in our profession has been the most significant wrong imposed on us and a wrong that won’t be righted until each and every effected member has recouped their career earning difference comparative to their 2010 counterparts. The current new entrant pay deal does not do … Read More Pay inequality

Re-visioning school leadership

Without doubt our primary school leadership needs renewed and committed attention. Over the last decade the responsibilities of school principals have dramatically changed. However, their recompense, supports and resources have not kept pace. In fact, one of their key supports, middle management posts of responsibility have yet to be fully restored to pre-recession levels. This is impacting not only on the capacity of principals … Read More Re-visioning school leadership

Challenging Conversations

I’m not one for kicking the can down the line. Too often we’ve seen how not confronting an issue early one leads to reactive rather than pro-active decisions being made. While acknowledging that the mandate for the work of the INTO comes from the motions passed at INTO Annual Congress and that we have several very immediate issues in need of attention, it is … Read More Challenging Conversations

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