My Commitment

My vision is a strong, democratic, campaigning INTO that is constantly striving to realise a properly resourced and funded primary school system that allows teachers and principals get on with the job of teaching and leading. If elected General Secretary I commit to working with our Central Executive Committee, Annual Congress, our Officers and our National Committees and doing my absolute best to:

  1. protect and enhance:
    • your pay
    • your conditions of service
    • your promotional opportunities
    • your professional entitlement
  2. support:
    • your leadership and administrative needs
    • your learning needs
    • your classroom practice
  3. promote
    • fairness, equality and opportunity for teachers and pupils regardless of background, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or culture
    • the need for fair and balanced social policies that better enable teachers’ family and work-life balance needs

My initial priorities will be

Your Pay/Terms and Conditions

  • removing pay inequality in the ROI and progressing in pay talks in Northern Ireland
  • workload:
    • reclaiming teaching for teachers
    • mediating the overwhelming role and responsibly of the principal, particularly the teaching principal
  • ensuring school leaders are appropriately remunerated including and supported and that the outstanding principals’ benchmarking award is applied

Your Professional Needs

  • consulting with teachers in DEIS schools to identify actual supports required
  •  increasing INTO learning and development opportunities for leaders, SEN teachers and classroom teachers
  • providing INTO opportunities to showcase and disseminate member learning and research
  • working with other unions to lobby for an increase in early intervention health and social supports for pupils

How INTO interacts with you

  • increasing participation at our local Branch meetings and therefore strengthening the democratic structures of our union
  • facilitating more effective two-way communications with you
  • providing guidance to schools to better support LGBT+ colleagues and pupils
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